We offer you a new model of CHIC-JAZZ - Chinese production company Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. CHIC-Jazz has high maneuverability, excellent off-road qualities, high ground clearance and a very robust construction and thus is a direct competitor of off-road Segway x2 analogues. The basic principle of the gyro-scooter is a dynamic balancing system, through which he can independently maintain balance. This system works well as a human vestibular mechanism. Gyro-scooter CHIC-Jazz - an intelligent management, ease of use, low power consumption, no pollution and environmental emissions to the environment.

PRICE: 2700 $
Country China
Manufacturer CHIC
Battery 72V13AH Li-ion
Motor 1000W
Accelerator 2 Speed limit & reverse gear 8 km/h/15-20 km/h
Charger full automatic (сharging time: 3-5 hours)
Maximum speed 20 km/h
Maximum travel distance 25-35 km
Slope climbing capacity 30°
Carrying capacity maximum: 125 kg, minimum: 35 kg
Tires 20x6-10 vacuum
Tire pressure 25PSI
Dimensions 536x820x1920/1312 mm
Curb weight 56 kg