Urban format gyro-scooter CHIC-LS (manufactured by Chinese companies Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd) is compact and easy to transformation that will allow you always be in any place at the right time, and you can always take it with you to trip and easily descend into the subway. Relatively heavy model CHIC-LS (weighing only 21.5 kg) can be freely and easily overcome any obstacles. CHIC-LS model is relatively new and trendy kind of personal transport and can be used successfully as a small company for the rest of people, as well as for public events.

PRICE: 1830 $
Country China
Manufacturer CHIC
Battery 46V6.6AH Li-ion
Motor 700W
Charger full automatic (сharging time: 3-4 hours)
Maximum speed 15 km/h
Maximum travel distance 25-30 km
Slope climbing capacity 17°
Carrying capacity maximum:100 kg, minimum: 30 kg
Tires 9х3.00-6 vacuum
Dimensions 512x518x1170 mm
Curb weight 21.5 kg