Baby aqua scooter SS2001

This remarkable electric outboard "SS2001" manufactured by Chinese company "Wuyi Ofly Motion Apparatus Company Limited",e specially designed for children. Suitable for use in the pool, as well as take into account not only the use of swimming underwater, but above the water. Thanks to the protective grilles, auto-off function and positive buoyancy, this scooter is absolutely safe for a child. Fully waterproof.

PRICE: 270 $
Country China
Manufacturer Ofly
Battery 6V14AH (2 pieces)
Motor 12V200W
Charger full automatic (сharging time:6 hours)
Maximum speed 5.2 km/h.
Maximum travel distance duration of use: 60 minutes, stable use: 90 minutes
Carrying capacity traction force: 60 kg (depth rating: 20 m)
Dimensions 600x360x310 mm
Curb weight 7.5 kg