İntroducing you to the brand-new electro-scooter model "CHIC-Smart". It is highly technological electric device based on dynamic balance principle so it can freely move in any directions. Very basic controls, environmental-friendliness, mobility and convenient usage idealy suits for any straight surface. "CHIC-Smart" uses hyroscope and acceleration sensor to keep balance. By leaning back or forward, the device moves in chosen direction accordingly. For turning you simply move your feet in chosen direction. Included stability system will keep you up from falling. Model "CHIC-Smart" is a perfectly modified scooter demonstrating latest design and advanced maneuverability. With the weight of 10kg and size of 548*186*178mm, CHIC-Smart is the lightest and the most compact version of hyroscooter models. It is very easy for use, ideally suits for city rides. You can easily take it with you to any public transport, it will perfectly fit to the trunk of any car, and it will take minimum place in any house.

PRICE: 600 $
Country China
Manufacturer CHIC
Battery 36V4.4AH, Li-Ion
Motor 300W
Charger Full Automatic (charging time 2-3 hours)
Maximum speed 10 km/h.
Maximum travel distance 15-20 km
Slope climbing capacity 15%
Carrying capacity maximum:100 kg, minimum: 20 kg
Tires 6.7
Dimensions 584*186*178мм
Curb weight 10 kg