Marshell "DN" series - perfectly modified 11-23 seated compact electro buses of unusual design. Marshell EV Green EV Ltd. is a recognised leader in the field of electric motors, battery charges Delta-Q (Canada), batteries TROJAN (USA), and controllers Curtis (USA). This position allowed them to obtain high performance, providing high power and maximum control while driving. Model DN-14C is a 14 seated electro-bus for transportation over a cottage area, for big hotel resorts, and also parks or other attraction zones. This electro-bus can be upgraded with special equipment for the use of police or security services.

PRICE: 26730 $
Country China
Manufacturer Marshell
Battery 6V170AH (12 pieces)
Motor 75V5KW
Controller high-power controller Curtis 550 Amp
Accelerator Adjustable Inductive Accelerator Continuously Variable Speed System
Charger Full Automatic Efficiency Pulse Charger
Suspension Macpherson strut suspension
Steering Self Compensating
Braking Four wheels hydraulic braking system and independent parking brake
Maximum speed 28 km/h.
Maximum travel distance 70-80 km
Slope climbing capacity 20%
Carrying capacity 1200 kg
Turning radius 6m
Maximum noise <70dB(A)
Weight without battery 1300 kg
Wheel base 2700mm
Chassis steel
Shock absorber hydraulic
Dimensions 4800*1500*2000mm