Forklift FD50T-M

Among Chinese manufacturers of lift trucks and warehouse equipment company Zhejiang Maximal Forklift Co.Ltd is one of the undoubted leaders. Maximal production at factories based on American technology, including quality control and the introduction of the latest innovations in the design and manufacture of forklift trucks. One of the most popular worldwide loader model range Maximal are machine series "M". This diesel models with capacity from 1 to 32 tons. These series started in 2005 and is still modifying cars off the assembly line, having absorbed all the achievements of design ideas in recent years. Diesel cars are equipped with Mitsubishi engines and ISUZU, high power density and low fuel consumption. In addition, the servo transmission (power shift) switch is built into the steering column and provides a smooth change of direction needed in the management of loading operations requiring accuracy. Diesel trucks Maximal power comparable to gasoline trucks and demonstrate good performance rate of climb (3000 mm) and movement. In terms of efficiency, they are superior to petrol models, because they use cheaper fuel. Also truck with a diesel engine can operate at very low speeds. These machines are equipped with an internal combustion engine, are so-called workhorses in the industry due to its efficiency and outstanding performance.

PRICE: 43200 $
Country China
Manufacturer Maximal
Battery 12V80AH (2 pieces)
Motor mitsubishi S6S (Japan)
Maximum speed 26-28 km/h.
Turning radius 3250mm
Wheel base 2250 mm
Tires front: 8.25-15-14PR, rear: 8.25-15-14PR
Displacement 4.996 сс
Engne type diesel, six-cylinder
Max torque 250 N.m/1600rpm
Power 52 kW (67 horse power ) /2450 rpm
Transmission power shift (automatic) - 2/2(front/rear)
Dimensions 3440 х1995х2500/4370 (mast lowered/extended)mm - forks 1220х150х55 mm
Fuel capacity 140L
Curb weight 8080 kg
Payload capacity 5000 kg