Hummer HX-closed

The British company "MEV" (My Electric Vehicle), founded 2006, producing small electric cars, bought rights on the "Hummer" brand from "General Motors", and also on the appearance of the prototype of 2008 for two new electric cars. By learning from the mistakes of others has allowed "MEV" to create a radical new family of electric vehicles. Working with contacts from around the world "MEV" now directly controls the design, manufacturing and testing of all the products, giving them confidence that the user will not be disappointed.

PRICE: 27400 $
Country Great Britain
Manufacturer MEV (My Electric Vehicle)
Battery 8V170AH (9 pieces)
Motor AC50V4KW
Accelerator Adjustable Inductive Accelerator Continuously Variable Speed System
Charger Full Automatic Efficiency Pulse Charger
Suspension The fully adjustable A-Frame front and semi-independent rear
Steering Self Compensating
Braking 4 Wheel Fully Adjustable Hydraulic Rear Drum and Front Disc Brakes
Maximum speed 45 km/h.
Maximum travel distance 70 km
Slope climbing capacity 30%
Brake range 2500 m (24 km/h)
Carrying capacity 200 kgs
Turning radius 4.6 m
Maximum noise <50dB(A)
Weight without battery 350 kgs
Wheel base 2128mm/84
Chassis steel
Tires front/rear: 195/70R 15C
Dimensions L: 3000mm/118 W:1450/57 H: 1460mm/57