Kids 3 wheel electro scooter WV-EPR-204T

Children's tricycle on the battery - a three-wheeled motorcycle racing type has an ergonomic body. Typically, the battery is at 6V, 12V or 24V (depending on age, which is calculated on the tool). The presented model WV-EPR-204T manufactured by Chinese company Wuyi Wusheng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. for children (officially with 6 and 5 years probation), which already feel more confident in the saddle. These in racing style bikes will give their owners much more vivid sensations, can be dispersed within up to 15 km / h. Of course considering the safety of children, in this model has been set the parental control, which will be at its discretion governed by parents with a speed limiter key within 3 assists.

PRICE: 650 $
Country China
Manufacturer Wuyi Wusheng
Battery 12V12AH (2 pieces)
Motor brush 24V250W ( drive: rear, chain)
Accelerator 3 Speed limit & reverse gear 5 km/h ,10 km/h & 15 km/h
Charger full automatic (сharging time: 6-8 hours)
Braking front/rear: disc
Maximum speed 15 km/h.
Maximum travel distance 15 km
Slope climbing capacity 5-6%
Carrying capacity 50 kg
Wheel base 860mm
Tires front: 90/65-6.5, rear: 90/65-6.5
Shock absorber spring
Dimensions 104×43×57cm
Curb weight 23kg