Kids electric scooters-DR24300

The most popular electric scooter with seat DR-24300 in Azerbaijan! Chinese production company Marshell. This model is designed for children and adolescents. Capacity battery will overcome to 15 kilometers on a single charge. With this electric scooter users can go around the house, quickly get to school or go shopping at the nearest store. When folded, it can be placed in the trunk of a small sedan or put on the cabinet. It is smaller than a bike!

PRICE: 510 $
Country China
Manufacturer Marshell
Battery 12V12AH (2 pieces)
Motor 24V300W
Charger full automatic (сharging time: 6-8 hours)
Maximum speed 18 km/h
Maximum travel distance 15 km
Slope climbing capacity 6-8 %
Carrying capacity 90 kg
Tires 10
Dimensions 118х43х114 cm (folded 110x22.5x38 cm)
Curb weight 21.7 kg