Seagull 20"

The Chinese company POWFU offers high-quality electric bicycles series Seagull, produced in accordance with modern safety requirements. It is also easy to use as a conventional bike. Cope with different road surface, slope and tilt system helps speed switching SHIMANO several specific speed depending on the model series. This high-tech system allows you to pass difficult sections of the road on an equal speed with the same effort. Reliable protection during unexpected situations are the disc brakes from Tektro. This system is considered one of the best braking systems for two-wheeled pedal vehicles. One of the main advantages of the bike is that if it is used there is no need to stand for hours in traffic jams, as well as save time and mood at the bus stop waiting for crowded public transport. Electric bike Seagull ready to take its owner at any time in the right place. Full battery charge enough to cover the distance within 35-70 km. When the battery sits, the model is still full vehicle, however, is not self-propelled. To bring Seagull in motion need to twist pedals, but it is very simple, and besides, it is useful to health.

PRICE: 1300 $
Country China
Manufacturer POWFU
Battery 36V10Ah Li-ion (removable )
Motor front brushless, 250W
Controller intelligent brushless
Accelerator LCD display and standard mode switcher (3 speed SG-3C41 SHIMANO)
Charger full automatic (сharging time: 5-6 hours)
Braking front/rear: disc/ roller BR-IM31-R SHIMANO (Japan)
Maximum speed 25 km/h.
Maximum travel distance 35km(Electric only), 70km(pedal assistant)
Carrying capacity 90 kg
Weight without battery 12 kg
Tires 20”x1.75 city tyrе
Shock absorber front: aluminium alloy suspension fork
Rim aluminium alloy double wall
Dimensions 160x24x76cm