Tomberlin E2+2

Models E-Merge are safe, fast and very practic cars made for short rides with the maximum speed of 32 km/h over the distance of 40 km. It is also an ultimate golf-car which suits not only for golf fields use but also for a simple rides. Safety, style and high-performance are the main features of E-Merge models. E-Merge is the most affordable model of Canadian manufacturer Tomberlin, which is made especially for short rides in the neighborhood, transportation in the golf fields and also for normal street rides.

PRICE: 16880 $
Country Canada
Manufacturer Tomberlin
Battery 8V170AH (6 pieces)
Motor 48V4KW
Controller high-power controller Curtis 500 Amp
Accelerator Adjustable Inductive Accelerator Continuously Variable Speed System
Charger Full Automatic Efficiency Pulse Charger
Braking Downhill regenerative Braking with roll-away protection
Maximum speed 32 km/h.
Maximum travel distance 60 km
Slope climbing capacity 30%
Carrying capacity 320 kg ( 4 passengers)
Maximum noise <70dB(A)
Weight without battery 480 kg
Chassis steel
Dimensions 3280x1200x1870mm