YC-ZHC01 (police)

Compact and the relative ease of management, which can be achieved after a few workouts, make an interesting technique gyro-scooters for some special purpose. With its small size, these vehicles can travel where larger vehicles can not travel, and, therefore, have to make some seemingly hopeless mission possible. Model gyro-scooter YC-ZHC05 Police, manufactured by Chinese company OSDAICH - is off-road police version, designed for use by special services. Accordingly, in order to effectively fulfill its responsibilities to patrol streets, squares parks, train stations, highways and other public places, this transport model for an active visual warnings are usually equipped (in front of) the two halogen headlights (blue and red ) and one audio signal (siren). Advanced - on the steering wheel gyro-scooter secured bag, and on top of the side wheels two mini luggage compartment for documents and small accessories, which may be necessary to have for police

PRICE: 2700 $
Country China
Manufacturer OSDAICH
Battery 72V13AH Li-ion
Motor 1000W
Accelerator 2 Speed limit & reverse gear 8 km/h/15-20 km/h
Charger full automatic (сharging time: 2-4 hours)
Maximum speed 20 km/h
Maximum travel distance 30-45 km
Slope climbing capacity 25°
Carrying capacity maximum: 110 kg, minimum: 45 kg
Tires 20x6-10
Tire pressure 25PSI
Dimensions 830х680x1250 mm
Curb weight 48 kg