Tricycle DW101

Ranger Tricycles electric bikes are very popular, especially among the elderly, who need a reliable assistant for every day that can carry small loads, to travel to the country or to the market, to the store, not to depend on public transport. The Advantages of three-wheeled electric bicycle are more than the disadvantages. The main disadvantage is considered only that this model does not fit into the elevator. To manage tricycle easy to park even easier shopping cart for transportation of cargo is behind and does not interfere with management, and makes the model more stable, minimal strain on your arms. Cyclists who are overweight and cyclists with balance problems like them for their good stability, little opportunity to practice in a suitable rhythm, possibly including an electric motor and at any time to get home! As well as suffering from arthritis, love these trikes electric bicycles for the opportunity, if necessary, to include an electric motor and quietly get home. This model DW101 manufactured by Chinese company Changzhou Daywins E-Bike Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

PRICE: 1000 $
Country China
Manufacturer Daywins E-Bike
Battery 36V10AH Lithium (removable )
Motor aluminum 350W(front drive motor) brushless hub
Controller PAS 1:1 pedal assistant system
Accelerator LЕD display and standard mode switcher (3 speed SG-3C41 SHIMANO Nexus)
Charger full automatic (сharging time: 4-6 hours)
Braking front/rear: аluminum V-brake/disc-brake dual
Maximum speed 20 km/h
Maximum travel distance 45-50 km
Carrying capacity 200 kg
Tires front: 24x1.75, rear: 20x1.75
Dimensions 730x310x380 mm
Curb weight 39 kg